The Best Restaurant In America's 40 Biggest Airports

DECEMBER 23, 2015

"Because no one likes having to settle for the Spear-O-Mint Life Savers in the baggage-claim vending machines, we've painstakingly sought out the best restaurant and its precise location in each of the 40 largest American airports. Please adjust your travel plans accordingly."

Listed among the top 40 is Concession International's own Bar Symon, at Washington Dulles International, Terminal D, near Gate 16.

"Cleveland-based Iron Chef Michael Symon's comfort-food pub opened last February (with power outlets at every table!) and has a very solid list of craft beers, cocktails, and damn good burgers (get the Fat Doug and you won't need to eat again for 11-14 hours). If you can't make it here, we recommend hitting Chef Geoff's by Terminal C14 (also operated by CI)."

Reported by Thrillest/Traveler, 12/23/15