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Celebrating OctoberFest

Concessions International - Thursday, September 01, 2016
Celebrating OctoberFest

As we approach the autumn season of the year, many people and businesses gear up for one of the most popular event celebrated around the world, OctoberFest. Oktoberfest, an autumn tradition from Munich, Germany, started in 1810 in celebration of the marriage between a Bavarian prince and his princess. The celebration included rides, games, music, and food. It wasn’t until later when Germans began to incorporate beer into the festivities. Now well over 5 million people attend the Bavarian event in Munich. For those who can’t make it, may find local bars & restaurants celebrating in their area as well.

Concessions International has a few brands that will have their own OctoberFest specials which are the following:

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Sam Adams Brewhouse
Fly Burger Bar

Washington Dulles Airport:

Bar Symon
DC Craft Brews
Chef Geoff's

Reagan Airport:

American Tap Room

Denver International Airport:

Colorado Sports Bar

Be sure to share your story with us about your OctoberFest experiences with Concessions International!

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